Are these classes for kids or adults?

Both! My Hebrew classes are open to everyone. I make sure to tailor the class to the student’s age and ability. That means if my student is a child, I will keep the class fun and entertaining with games and videos. Don’t worry adults, your class will be fun too! We will just focus more on the language that adults use in day-to-day life.

Can I get 1-on-1 teaching?

Of course! If you’re interested in more time and attention during your Hebrew studies, the 1-on-1 package is right for you. The entire one hour class will be devoted to your individual level and goals. The cost for a single 1-on-1 class is $45.

Do you have experience teaching Hebrew?

Yes, I have spent 3 years teaching Hebrew to both adults and children. I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, so Hebrew is my first language. I speak it fluently and really enjoy helping others learn how to read and speak it too. I don’t outsource any of the teaching, so when you sign up for a class, you can count on me to be your teacher.

Is Hebrew hard to learn?

Hebrew is easier to learn that you think. Did you know the Hebrew alphabet has only 22 characters? Compare that to Chinese, which has thousands of characters! Having someone guide you through the learning process makes it even easier (that’s me!). Learning a new language is great for your mind, and I think you’ll find the process is well-worth the result.

How much time will it take to learn Hebrew?

Everybody learns at their own pace. There is no wrong or right length of time. When you first sign up for a class, we will do a short assessment to determine your language abilities. From there, I will create a learning program suited just for you.

What if I already know some Hebrew, do I have to start over as beginner?

No, we will personalize your class to your abilities. We have the following class levels: Beginner, Beginner 1 Plus, Beginner 2, Beginner 3, Beginner 4 and Advanced. We will find the class level that is a comfortable fit for you.

Can I buy just one class instead of a package?

Yes, you can either buy a single class for $45 or a package of 10 classes for a discounted price of $400.

Will I need to attend the online classes on specific days and at specific times?

We will schedule according to your needs, but usually it will be Monday to Friday anytime from 9:00am to 6:00pm

  • X day, X time
  • X day, X time

What technology will I need for these classes?

You will need the following:

  • Laptop or a computer including a mouse and a keyboard
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom (video conferencing software)
  • Microphone and webcam for our video lessons
  • Word processing software such as Microsoft Word (not a must)


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